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Suspenseful page-turner

Fallen Halos: Watchtower 1 (Cursed Angel Collection) - Erin Hayes, Rebecca Hamilton, Cursed Angel, Charmed Legacy

I've never really quite know what to expect from dual authors. And this book was no exception. I was drawn in from the very first chapter and held in complete astonishment as the story progressed. This is a love story. And it's not just love between man and woman but love for companions. This is one of those books where all hope seems lost, every good character has their back up against a proverbial wall. You'll be biting your nails to the quick just in suspense alone, to see how it all goes down.

Not for me but...

— feeling cold
Born at Midnight - C.C. Hunter

Ok, so...when I started, I was like, "Oooo yay!!" And after the first four chapters, I couldn't bring myself to read anymore. I couldn't connect with Main Character. I also felt the writing was sporadic. Just in those four chapters. I really had high hopes, and since I have what's there so far as a series, to this date, in paperback, I'm pretty sure I'm going to go back and try and re-read this. So, here's to hoping. 

The Keeper's Vow by B.F. Simone

The Keeper's Vow - B.F. Simone

*A complimentary ecopy was given by the author in exchange for my honest review.*

I'm going to keep this short. Kind of. Hopefully. So at first, I was like, "Yea, let's do this!! I was born ready!!" (I needed to calm down) As I was reading I really liked the world building, getting to know these characters, and then BAM!! I was in a fetal position NOT wanting to talk to no one and it was a little rough because the incident I'm speaking of is when the main character finally broke down, and in front of her tormentor AKA protector. Then the chick had the audacity to tell herself SHE'S the coward because HE'S the one who stormed into her life and wreaked havoc and on top of that, he can read her mind? NO. I'M SORRY. BUT NO. KATIE DIDN'T OWE TRISTAN SHIT!! NOT EVEN AN APOLOGY. WHY? BECAUSE HE CAN READ HER MIND?? UH, NO. NO. NO. NO!! (I am so sorry for using bad language there but I feel so strongly about this) KATIE HAD EVERY RIGHT TO FEEL WHAT SHE FELT. TRISTAN IS NOT THE FEELINGS POLICE. HOW CAN YOU THINK YOU'RE AT FAULT FOR FEELING? I COULDN'T WRAP MY HEAD AROUND THAT. Ok, so now that THAT'S out of my system, I have to tell you that I hate the freakin' dreaded back and forth!! Oh, God!! This book had so much of that it got on my freakin' nerves. And you're probably wandering, "Well, you've pretty much bashed this book, why give it five stars?" Well, I haven't really bashed it. It was a great, solid story and when I finally got past the back and forth, it was WONDERFUL!! And there's a neat, unique, and intriguing story-line here. I want more!! And if an author makes me hate their characters then I end up loving them, well...I'd have to say she's a genius. And that's pretty much it from me.

Reap What You Sow by A.R. Von
Reap What You Sow by A.R. Von

Author A.R. Von's
Reap What You Sow
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Reap What You Sow
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Alien Captive Box Set (Alien Shapeshifter Romance): Alien Abduction Romance (Qui Treaty Collection, 7 by Kayla Stonor

— feeling alien
Alien Captive Boxset - Kayla Stonor

A complimentary ecopy was given by the author in exchange for my honest review.*

I’ll begin by saying that I have developed a girl-crush on Kayla Stonor. Hehe. The woman made me blush. I really didn’t think that possible, I mean I’ve read some kinky stuff before but damn!! Then she tosses in the pain is pleasure vibe and I was hooked. Each story is different. I think what really got me, was the whole concept….Humans, unknowingly, giving off pheromones that attract these Aliens to us, & vice versa. How freakin’ neat is that? Made me ask if it could be a possibility, you know, in a galaxy far, far away. But seriously, I mean us, as a species, have barely reached the moon, yet, are we really alone? When you look up at a starry sky don’t you wish to know if there’s something more out there? It goes deeper but that’s neither here nor there. The question is, can these handful of soldiers who went out and fought for their home planet, Earth, only to get captured, tortured, and even killed, come back from the brink of insanity, with the help of the Aliens who want Peace between their species? Would you really be able to co-exist with said Aliens, knowing their kind have done what they done to your home, and to them? Now let’s keep in mind that the Aliens give off their own pheromones, and they’re shapeshifters. And when these soldiers each meet their rescuers, it’s like how Winnie The Pooh loves Honey, lol. Or cats in heat. A fat kid and cake. It’s hot, though. Kayla makes it real HOT!! Their true forms remind me of a faery or even like a fallen angel, but with scales and they’re either blue or green or blue-green, I especially love the wings!! Zeus thought Meseri was an angel. Speaking of Zeus, in his story, I felt like I understood the psychology of that better than Bea’s story. However, in messed up situations like these, it’s hard to say who had it more fucked up than who. In each story, you see all of them still trying to cope with what had happened to them. As traumatic as it may be, their recovery was also sexy and even on the sweet side. I really liked how each story tied up. It wasn’t a dragged out ordeal, where you lose interest. It holds a steady pace and you can tell how the author’s writing gets better from each story. Each book was a bit longer than the last, and as she improved, the stories did as well. You want more. I’ll always remember this series for for it’s uniqueness because the whole concept makes you question things inside your mind. I know, I know, It’s fantasy, but why not question things? And who says it can’t be dark and sexy at the same time?

Angel 6.0 (Alien Captive Box Set): Space Opera Romance by Travis Luedke

Angel 6.0 (Alien Captive Boxset): Space Opera Romance - Travis Luedke

*I was given these stories individually from the author in exchange for my honest review.*

From Angel 6.0: Concubine:
Travis really delves into a woman's deepest and darkest fantasies and does it with no warning. It's sexy, dirty, taboo, and it was hot!! 
From Angel 6.0 Escape:
I'll say this, it's sad BUT I felt it was necessary because you see Angel's character develop and you can start to see emotions surface.
From Angel 6.0: Enslaved:
I especially liked how we got introduced to new characters. Chilla, I was so glad Angel finally made a friend of the same gender. They helped each other out to get through Cronin's abusive treatment of them both. Ladies, let's stick together. Women power & all that shit. The Royal family. The Emporer & Empress with their son & daughter, ALL had such an infatuation with Angel. Especially Rollick, the young Prince. Hopefully we'll get some more insight on THAT later on.
From Angel 6.0: Pursuit:
Overall, I felt feelings while reading this book that was unexpected. I like that though. There's a realness to this fantasy. Angel gets many of her secrets revealed and while some people couldn't handle the truth right away, it was resolved but not really when war is knocking on your front door to your happily ever after.
From Angel 6.0: Emissary:
This Space Opera wrapped up, not as epic and blown out of the water, like I'd thought it would be, (you know Science Fiction & all). The author had a more subtle approach, a believable one, to the end and it indeed came full circle. If you like your Sci-Fi naughty and gory then this series is one hell of a wild ass adventure you won't want to miss out on. 

The Angel 6.0 series really shouldn't be passed up. It's dangerous, sexy, and addictive!! If you pass this series up, you just might hate yourself later.

Upon This Rock by Travis Luedke

— feeling amazing
Upon This Rock (Myth and Legend, Fantasy Romance, Scifi Romance) - Travis Luedke

*A complimentary ARC was given by the author in exchange for my honest review.*

I love this story!! To sum this story up, it’s about an average, virgin young woman, named Ashley, who has a bond with a mysterious God. He’s been with her, in her mind, promising the keys to the universe, if she just commits to him. And as she does commit her mind, body, and soul to this God, she’s on a journey to get him here, on earth. There are forces where Mithra's from that do not want him to get to our world. They want it for themselves & will do anything to prevent this from happening. (My favorite scene, was when Mithra deflowered Ashley, hehe. Actually pretty tamed by Travis’ standards. However, I did enjoy that.) She makes a handful of friends along the way. *Squee* This is where the author’s The Nightlife Seriescomes into play. We meet Urvashi, the Fallen Angel, who became attracted to the surge of energy/power Ashley now has. So in order to find the gate, she’ll need all the help she can get. A fallen Angel, two badass vampires, and a nerd on the ultimate quest to find the answers of the alien question. Sounds exciting, right? Oh, it is!! If this is your first time delving into the words of Mr. Luedke, you’ll find yourself wanting to know more about these ‘side’ characters, Aaron, Michelle, and Urvashi. I know when I met Urvashi inThe Nightlife Series, I was constantly wondering what Urvashi is, why she’s here, and where she came from. She really is an intriguing character, and I may just get my answers yet. The flow and writing is flawless as ever. You’re hooked from the beginning and as always, Mr. Luedke leaves you wanting more. He’s the Master of that. I really, really enjoyed reading this new story. The meshing of the worlds, On Point. I was taken on a journey with these characters and now I’m invested. That ending!! Oh my gosh!! Like Ashley and Aaron, I’m going to need to breathe!! Lol. So much left unfinished, unsaid, undone...I need that next book...NOW!!

Betrayal by Treaty by Kayla Stonor

— feeling star
Betrayal By Treaty (Futuristic Shapeshifter, Galactic Empire) (Qui Treaty Collection Book 6) - Kayla Stonor, Travis Luedke

*An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for my honest review.*

Wowza!! The only thing I can say after reading Betrayal by Treaty is Trey Jaden is now a freakin' GOD!! Lol. Maybe not in the sense of having all divine powers but if one were to look just at the outside of things, it would look like Jaden is a GOD. Oh, how I loved this sequel to Under by Treaty!! The Qui Empress must choose between love or duty and the path is not always clear-cut. With war on the brink, a traitor in the midst, and a new alliance being formed to stop war, can Sonil protect Jaden as promised? I can't tell you the answers to that but I will say that Jaden goes above and beyond for Sonil, The Qui Empire, and his home planet, Earth. I, myself, found it enduring and selfless of him. Sonil made sacrifices, too. And it was BIG!! My point, these two belong together. The addition of the new characters played very well into the bigger picture, *ahem* Calad'n. :) Calad'n, too, is just as possessive of Sonil as Jaden is. Of course there's going to be some clashing with those two Alphas. Read to see what I mean. But there at the end...Oh my!! Yassss!! I'm finding myself somewhat jealous, lol. Two alphas fighting for your heart, willing to do anything for you, even die. And it doesn't hurt, only adds, that they're well endowed. The #Swoon factor comes highly into play. That crazy, everything hanging in limbo-ending...Grrr. I couldn't read fast enough. I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict that there'll be more stories after this one. I really, really hope so. After getting invested, I just need more!! The author has created a series and characters that you come to love and enjoy their company. There are dark moments and they can be scary too but overall, you see the light in each of these characters and you feel with them, you love with them, you hate with them, you want bloody revenge with them. It's not just them on a journey, it's you, the reader. And the author has done a mighty fine job of that. I honestly don't want it to end. This sequel will leave your panties wet and break your heart, at the same time, too!! Things may seem bleek but don't worry, you're heart will be mended and your panties still wet!! :)

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