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The Keeper's Vow by B.F. Simone

The Keeper's Vow - B.F. Simone

*A complimentary ecopy was given by the author in exchange for my honest review.*

I'm going to keep this short. Kind of. Hopefully. So at first, I was like, "Yea, let's do this!! I was born ready!!" (I needed to calm down) As I was reading I really liked the world building, getting to know these characters, and then BAM!! I was in a fetal position NOT wanting to talk to no one and it was a little rough because the incident I'm speaking of is when the main character finally broke down, and in front of her tormentor AKA protector. Then the chick had the audacity to tell herself SHE'S the coward because HE'S the one who stormed into her life and wreaked havoc and on top of that, he can read her mind? NO. I'M SORRY. BUT NO. KATIE DIDN'T OWE TRISTAN SHIT!! NOT EVEN AN APOLOGY. WHY? BECAUSE HE CAN READ HER MIND?? UH, NO. NO. NO. NO!! (I am so sorry for using bad language there but I feel so strongly about this) KATIE HAD EVERY RIGHT TO FEEL WHAT SHE FELT. TRISTAN IS NOT THE FEELINGS POLICE. HOW CAN YOU THINK YOU'RE AT FAULT FOR FEELING? I COULDN'T WRAP MY HEAD AROUND THAT. Ok, so now that THAT'S out of my system, I have to tell you that I hate the freakin' dreaded back and forth!! Oh, God!! This book had so much of that it got on my freakin' nerves. And you're probably wandering, "Well, you've pretty much bashed this book, why give it five stars?" Well, I haven't really bashed it. It was a great, solid story and when I finally got past the back and forth, it was WONDERFUL!! And there's a neat, unique, and intriguing story-line here. I want more!! And if an author makes me hate their characters then I end up loving them, well...I'd have to say she's a genius. And that's pretty much it from me.