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Alien Captive Box Set (Alien Shapeshifter Romance): Alien Abduction Romance (Qui Treaty Collection, 7 by Kayla Stonor

— feeling alien
Alien Captive Boxset - Kayla Stonor

A complimentary ecopy was given by the author in exchange for my honest review.*

I’ll begin by saying that I have developed a girl-crush on Kayla Stonor. Hehe. The woman made me blush. I really didn’t think that possible, I mean I’ve read some kinky stuff before but damn!! Then she tosses in the pain is pleasure vibe and I was hooked. Each story is different. I think what really got me, was the whole concept….Humans, unknowingly, giving off pheromones that attract these Aliens to us, & vice versa. How freakin’ neat is that? Made me ask if it could be a possibility, you know, in a galaxy far, far away. But seriously, I mean us, as a species, have barely reached the moon, yet, are we really alone? When you look up at a starry sky don’t you wish to know if there’s something more out there? It goes deeper but that’s neither here nor there. The question is, can these handful of soldiers who went out and fought for their home planet, Earth, only to get captured, tortured, and even killed, come back from the brink of insanity, with the help of the Aliens who want Peace between their species? Would you really be able to co-exist with said Aliens, knowing their kind have done what they done to your home, and to them? Now let’s keep in mind that the Aliens give off their own pheromones, and they’re shapeshifters. And when these soldiers each meet their rescuers, it’s like how Winnie The Pooh loves Honey, lol. Or cats in heat. A fat kid and cake. It’s hot, though. Kayla makes it real HOT!! Their true forms remind me of a faery or even like a fallen angel, but with scales and they’re either blue or green or blue-green, I especially love the wings!! Zeus thought Meseri was an angel. Speaking of Zeus, in his story, I felt like I understood the psychology of that better than Bea’s story. However, in messed up situations like these, it’s hard to say who had it more fucked up than who. In each story, you see all of them still trying to cope with what had happened to them. As traumatic as it may be, their recovery was also sexy and even on the sweet side. I really liked how each story tied up. It wasn’t a dragged out ordeal, where you lose interest. It holds a steady pace and you can tell how the author’s writing gets better from each story. Each book was a bit longer than the last, and as she improved, the stories did as well. You want more. I’ll always remember this series for for it’s uniqueness because the whole concept makes you question things inside your mind. I know, I know, It’s fantasy, but why not question things? And who says it can’t be dark and sexy at the same time?