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Upon This Rock by Travis Luedke

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Upon This Rock (Myth and Legend, Fantasy Romance, Scifi Romance) - Travis Luedke

*A complimentary ARC was given by the author in exchange for my honest review.*

I love this story!! To sum this story up, it’s about an average, virgin young woman, named Ashley, who has a bond with a mysterious God. He’s been with her, in her mind, promising the keys to the universe, if she just commits to him. And as she does commit her mind, body, and soul to this God, she’s on a journey to get him here, on earth. There are forces where Mithra's from that do not want him to get to our world. They want it for themselves & will do anything to prevent this from happening. (My favorite scene, was when Mithra deflowered Ashley, hehe. Actually pretty tamed by Travis’ standards. However, I did enjoy that.) She makes a handful of friends along the way. *Squee* This is where the author’s The Nightlife Seriescomes into play. We meet Urvashi, the Fallen Angel, who became attracted to the surge of energy/power Ashley now has. So in order to find the gate, she’ll need all the help she can get. A fallen Angel, two badass vampires, and a nerd on the ultimate quest to find the answers of the alien question. Sounds exciting, right? Oh, it is!! If this is your first time delving into the words of Mr. Luedke, you’ll find yourself wanting to know more about these ‘side’ characters, Aaron, Michelle, and Urvashi. I know when I met Urvashi inThe Nightlife Series, I was constantly wondering what Urvashi is, why she’s here, and where she came from. She really is an intriguing character, and I may just get my answers yet. The flow and writing is flawless as ever. You’re hooked from the beginning and as always, Mr. Luedke leaves you wanting more. He’s the Master of that. I really, really enjoyed reading this new story. The meshing of the worlds, On Point. I was taken on a journey with these characters and now I’m invested. That ending!! Oh my gosh!! Like Ashley and Aaron, I’m going to need to breathe!! Lol. So much left unfinished, unsaid, undone...I need that next book...NOW!!